Which Neighborhoods Are Best For Looking At Denver Apartments?

A source that lists the neighborhoods in Denver says that there are a total of 76 of them. That is a lot of neighborhoods to look at if you are trying to choose the best place to live. You can always just look at listings for Denver apartments, but why do that if you can check out the neighborhoods to find the best area first? In a city the size of Denver, that might be the best thing to do.

So why don’t we start looking at neighborhoods. Southmoor Park is first up, and let’s see why you might want to consider this Denver neighborhood when searching out the best apartment in which to live. There are 6500+ people that call Southmoor Park home, and 57 percent of them are renters. As for the median rent, the number is right over $1400, which means you will definitely find some really nice apartments there.

Have you heard of Platt Park? This neighborhood is home to about 5700 people, and approximately 28 percent of them are renters. The median rent that you can expect to pay in Platt Park is about $1100. This neighborhood is ranked 5th when it coems to best places to live in Denver and also best places for families to live as well.

As you start your search for Denver apartments, you might also want to check out the Downtown area of Denver. When referring to ‘Downtown,’ I am talking about a specific neighborhood that approximately 4000 people call home. The median rent in Downtown is aproximately $1200, and about 68 percent of the people that live there are renters.

All of the neighborhoods so far get an overall grade of A+. Belcaro is one of the better neighborhoods in Denver, too. This neighborhood gets an overall grade of A+, and about 6000 people live there. About 41 percent of them are renters, and the median rent is about $1600. That’s on the higher end, as I have noticed that the most prestigious neighborhoods average about $1500 to $2000 for rent. The national average is under $1000.

Five Point is the only neighborhood on this list whose grade is A instead of A+. That’s still an excellent grade, and the median rent comes in under the $1500 mark mentioned in the last paragraph. Almost three quarters of the population in the neighborhood rent vs own. When it comes to best places to live in Denver, this neighborhood ranks 28th overall and 8th for millennials.

All of the Denver neighborhoods mentioned would be great picks for an apartment. You can look more at the specifics and then start to decide which neighborhoods you want to explore further. Gather listings for those neighborhoods, and then it is time to start visiting those apartments. After figuring out which ones you like best, you can make your decision about where you want to live. Just make sure that you watch your budget because you can tell some of those apartments are going to be really expensive.